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Scandal: ASPA is still killing stray dogs


Although both the catching and the killing of stray dogs has been illegal in Romania since June 20th, the Bucharest Animal Protection Authority ASPA is still catching stay dogs in the streets of Bucharest, torturing and killing them in the most atrocious manner. Besides harmless stray dogs, employees of ASPA, behave brutally towards animal protectors as well: On the night from 7th to 8th of July, Răzvan Băncescu, head of the ASPA, brutally hit a young female animal lover on the streets of Bucharest, trying to defend stray dogs from being caught and killed. The act was recorded by an eyewitness and published by all major media in Rumania.

FOUR PAWS filed a legal complaint against ASPA

Just one day after the brutal attack, FOUR PAWS filed a legal complaint against ASPA management on 9th of July. The complaint refers to the act of abuse of authority, embezzlement and unlawful killing of animals. Gabriel Paun, Director of Campaigns at FOUR PAWS is appalled by the latest scandal: “There are no legal loopholes. Killing of stray dogs is illegal. Băncescu brutally kills stray dogs; he punches and kicks animal lovers so that they need medical care. This man is a public danger for people and animals. Such behaviour is less than good advertising for public authorities. ASPA’s activities are paid for from public money and it is a scandal that the police and the Mayor of Bucharest support violence and breaking the law by letting such a person live in freedom. We cannot tolerate this, so we are taking legal steps.”

Răzvan Băncescu, head of the ASPA, brutally hit a female animal lover.
© Andrea Balaurea

FOUR PAWS is appealing to Romania’s officials

Following the decision of the Appeal Court of Bucharest on 20th of June, the norms of the applications of the law for killing stray dogs, were suspended. Thus, the law cannot be applied. FOUR PAWS is appealing to all the city halls and the institutions to respect the decision of the Romanian justice system, decisions which are universally applicable and which uphold Romania as a constitutional state. 


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