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Last minute rescue mission saves dog from squalid sewer


© Relu Deliu | Speranta Foundation

Another tragic dog abuse case in Romania

In Popesti Leordeni near Romania’s capital Bucharest a young female dog was discovered in a sewer, where her abuser had attached a bag filled with rocks around her neck using wire. Over the last few weeks FOUR PAWS has been inundated with public reports that stray dogs have been savagely killed.

Valentina got lucky

animal abuse: a sack with stones was attached to Valentinas neck
© Relu Deliu | Speranta Foundation

In  this particular case, an animal abuser had attached a sack filled with stones to the dogs neck with wire and then thrown her into a six metre deep  sewer. The dog was left there alone and helpless for a whole week.  However this dog got lucky and was helped by a local passer-by who spotted her, threw some food into the sewer and contacted the animal shelter Speranta for help. Employees from  FOUR PAWS’s supported shelter Speranta were able to rescue the dog from her terrible situation and provided immediate medical treatment.


Anca Tomescu, Head of Stray Animal Care Romania said: “The poor dog was severely dehydrated. She was only able to survive due to her young age – she was really rescued in the last minute.” The dog has been brought to the shelter, where she is safe and waiting to be adopted by a new owner. Anca Tomescu continued: “We named her Valentina, meaning “the strong one”. Despite her traumatic experience she is  very friendly towards humans.”

Valentina is waiting to be adopted
© Relu Deliu | Speranta Foundation

She is not an isolated case

At the end of last year FOUR PAWS published the case of another maliciously abused dog called Grivita who was attacked by an anonymous person who’d smashed her jaw into pieces with a heavy object and almost destroyed it. The international animal welfare organisation is once again calling on the police and animal protection authorities to take decisive action against these offences.

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