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Grivita: the story of one dog’s near-miraculous survival


Dreadful experience

On Wednesday 2nd October 2013 we received a phone call from a distraught woman living near Bucharest Main Rail Station. She told us about a terrible crime committed against a female stray which lived in the area of her apartment block. The dog had always been friendly and tame, and was regularly fed by residents. But as if by a miracle she has now managed to survive a brutal attack by someone who almost completely destroyed her jaw with a heavy instrument. Our vets administered first aid, then brought her to a radiology clinic to assess her injuries. The police have already started investigations to find the offender who inflicted these injuries on Grivita.

The dog received professional treatment on Friday 4th October from a veterinary team led by Dr. Iustin Girea from the Ortovet Clinic, and our vets Anca Tomescu and Ovidiu Rosu. Her wounds were cleaned to lessen the risk of infection, and the broken bones of the lower jaw were operated on and fixed.

On the road to recovery
Grivita improved rapidly and was soon able to eat and drink again unassisted. On Thursday 10th October 2013 she was taken from the Ortovet Clinic to the Speranta animal shelter, where she was given her own area with space to run around. She is clearly very happy to be alive, and despite her shocking experience she has not lost her trust in humans, wagging her tail when called, and enjoying being stroked.


Looking to the future
Grivita will soon be operated on again. Our vets will try to reconstruct her respiratory tract so that in the future she will again be able to breathe through her nose, and not only through her mouth.