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SAC India


Since the beginning of November a team of FOUR PAWS veterinarians in Chennai, India, have been developing a neutering and treatment project for the stray animals.

The project is due to last for 3 weeks and during this time, the three vets, Dr. Anca Tomescu, Dr. Cornel Stoenescu and Dr. Gabriel Ignat will work in a Blue Cross shelter, the organization that secured the arrival of the Romanian vets. Dogs and cats with broken legs, underfed animals, untreated injuries, all these problems make the presence of the SAC team absolutely necessary

Shortly after arriving in Chennai, the FOUR PAWS vets had a very special case: a baby deer that was attacked by stray dogs.The scared and malnourished animal was so weak that it couldn’t stand up. The deer got the best treatment and recovered very quickly. It will be released soon after weaning.



An additional, very difficult case was found in the Blue Cross shelter: a dog with a broken leg. The untreated wound was already infected. The shelter administrator was very happy to have the FOUR PAWS team there, because no one else was able to amputate the leg. The vets succesfully performed the operation, and the dog is now recovering. He will be permanently looked after by the Blue Cross.


Another case was a female buffalo that had been violently attacked with an axe. The attacker had a disagreement with the owner and was seeking revenge. Without proper treatment, the leg injury became infected and was infested with maggots. The vets cleaned and treated the leg, but the animal is in pain and the medical prognosis is unfavourable.

 A female calf with a broken and infected tail is another animal in need of help. For calves and cows in india, a tail is crucial for dealing withflies.