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Zimbabwe: Stop exporting elephant calves!


FOUR PAWS is opposed to the removal from the wild of any animals which will be utilised for human entertainment. This case is particularly saddening as elephants are intelligent animals with a strong family bond. The removal of babies and juveniles is distressing for the entire herd and devastating for the youngsters that are ripped away from their family. It is not uncommon for these young animals to die from the stress they are put through. The herd will mourn the loss of their youth for a long time after the removal. Further to the initial removal of the animals are the questions regarding their future. Under what conditions are these animals going to be kept in captivity? Will they be provided with adequate care or will they be housed in substandard conditions? Will they be trained using cruel methods to perform tricks for the amusement of an unwitting human audience?

© FOUR PAWS | Mihai Vasile

FOUR PAWS South Africa has added its voice and support to a growing group of internationally recognised animal welfare groups in opposition to the cruel practice of removing animals from the wild for a life in captivity.  Read the full media statement here


The elephants in Zimbabwe need all of our support to prevent this practice from being repeated. Elephants are intelligent animals with strong family bonds and suffer immense stress when separated. The future of these poor animals is uncertain, it is up to each and every person to speak for these animals that can not speak for themselves.

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