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Mutilated colt Jake saved by FOUR PAWS vet team


Cruelty to animals in Romania


A violent attack on three horses in the Romanian district of Drajna has necessitated a FOUR PAWS emergency mission. Unknown perpetrators had used knives to inflict severe wounds on the animals. A local vet had already given up on the horses, but the summoned FOUR PAWS team managed to stabilise the condition of the two adult animals and provide much needed help for the most affected foal, Jake. Jake’s tongue was severed from the middle downwards, which left him with minimal chances of survival. The aid workers brought him to Corbeanca where he was operated on for several hours on August 22.

After the successful surgery, the vets are optimistic that Jake will recover in the course of the next month. After that, the young animal will be put up for adoption. The adult horses Shila and Cezar had also suffered severe cuts to the tongues, but are already on their way to recovery. With ongoing support by FOUR PAWS, they are now being cared for by their previous owners. The story has drawn a lot of nationwide media attention, which is a very positive indicator that the common perception of animal suffering is currently changing.

Passive authorities
The mutilation of horses is not uncommon in Romania - even though the law provides severe penalties for this kind of abuse. Authorities and police behave very passively, nonetheless. FOUR PAWS now wants to assist the owners of the animals in imposing a better legal enforcement of the incident. In Germany, a similar case had seen the headlines in the nineties. A perpetrator labeled the “horse ripper" by the tabloids remained at large despite a high reward and a large-scale police operation. While the offender was classified as mentally ill, he and several copycats killed more than 100 horses in the course of ten years. Luckily, Jake was spared such fate. Thanks to the FOUR PAWS horse experts in Romania, Jake will soon be able to lead a happy life again.