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FOUR PAWS treats horse with tumour in Letea


On the 13th of June, the FOUR PAWS team in Romania received a phone call from a local veterinary technician telling them that during a tourist visit in the forest of Letea, he had seen a horse with "a big infected swelling" hanging from its eye. The description sounded very dangerous so the team decided to help immediately.

Shortly after arriving, the FOUR PAWS team then found the stallion. From a distance it seemed to actually be a tumour infested with maggots. They proceeded to tranquilize the horse and examine the lump closer. The examination revealed a massive tumour – most likely a papilloma – heavily infested by hundreds of flies and maggots, and growing right next to the inner corner of the eye. Fortunately, the eye itself was not involved. The FOUR PAWS team operated on the tumour, which proved to be quite difficult considering the close proximity to the eye, and thankfully were successful in removing it completely. The surgery lasted for about two hours and afterwards the horse was given long-acting antibiotics and pain-killers. A bandage was also put on to protect the wound from infection and maggots, and as an additional precaution they sprayed the surrounding area with a fly repellent. The horse woke up peacefully and returned to its group.

The following day, the FOUR PAWS team returned and found the horse near the place they had left it, calmly grazing with its horse group. The bandage was still in place and, as seen from afar, looked quite clean.

© FOUR PAWS | Kuki Barbuceanu

The team asked the local veterinary technician, who called them in the first place, to further check on the horse to make sure there were no implications following the surgery. The FOUR PAWS team promised to return to Letea, should the horse face any more health problems in the future.

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