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Tigress rescued from private keeping


Last Saturday FOUR PAWS brought a young tigress from Italy to the Rüsselsheim animal shelter in Hessen (Germany). The big cat, around one year old, had been illegally kept in a tiny cage by a private person and was discovered and confiscated by the Italian police during a reaid when she was only five months old. The police informed the Italian animal welfare organisation LAV (Lega Anti Vivisezione), who in turn asked FOUR PAWS for help.

The young tigress had to live in a tiny cage.
© Stefano Renna

FOUR PAWS finds temporary residence for the big cat

Last Friday morning, a team of FOUR PAWS and LAV wild animal experts and veterinarians anaesthetised the tigress and transferred her to a 250m2 outdoor enclosure of Rüsselsheim animal shelter, where she will find a temporary home. “I am so relieved that after the long journey the tigress arrived safe and sound in her temporary home”, declared Ioana Dungler, FOUR PAWS Director of Projects, who accompanied the transport.

In Rüsselsheim the tigress finds a temporary home until her travel to LIONSROCK.
© FOUR PAWS | Thomas Scheffel

New home in LIONSROCK

For the Italian tigress the stay at the animal shelter will also be only temporary. As soon as her state of health allows it, and the CITES import and export documents and official authorisations are received, she will travel to FOUR PAWS Big Cat Sanctuary LIONSROCK, South Africa.

112 big cats have already been rescued by FOUR PAWS

For many years, FOUR PAWS has been working hard to rescue big cats from their misery in inadequate keeping in zoos or in private hands. The animal welfare organisation has a great deal of experience in the transport of lions, tigers and other wild animals. Over the last few years, more than 80 lions and tigers from Europe, Asia and Africa have been brought to LIONSROCK; 18 transfers in all. Up to now, 112 big cats have been rescued and are living under the African sun, on a reservation closely resembling the wild, in an area of more than 1,250 hectares.