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New Special Care Unit at LIONSROCK


At LIONSROCK, animal care options are being completed by the construction of facilities providing for the needs of older animals.


The mission of the FOUR PAWS sanctuary is to guarantee a life free of suffering and ideal keeping conditions for every big cat. This is now possible on all levels. The first new inhabitants of the new enclosure are the females Emma and Xena, both rescued from a bankrupt Austrian safari park, as well as lioness Suga, who was also born at an Austrian private zoo.

Emma is one of the oldest big cats at LIONSROCK. The lioness has been kept separately for a while after she lost a canine in a fight with Neo, the only male in her pack. Xena has a spondylosis in her spine, which limits her movements considerably. Also the 20 year-old Suga was in urgent need of an environment more suitable for her age. For all of them, the new enclosure offers a perspective to continue to live in dignity.


Three more enclosures at the planning stage

In the foreseeable future, many of the currently 88 big cats at LIONSROCK will reach an age that requires something different than the rocks and slopes, which are the ideal surroundings for young and healthy lions. Older animals need an area that is flat and clearly structured, and which is also more accessible for the vet team on site. Three more enclosures of this kind will be built in the coming months in order to ensure that all animals in the care of FOUR PAWS can lead a happy existence.