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Finally arrived: Mirza, Zita and Rafik get in their big enclosure at LIONSROCK

Finally Zita knows how it is to feel a real tree.

They couldn't await ...

All three tigers went out immediately and at first each of them went their own way for a cautious inspection of the surroundings. As expected Rafik walked nervously straight along the fence to the far side of the enclosure and kept on pacing along the fence before he finally found a spot under the trees where he stayed for the rest of the day watching his siblings below exploring their new home.

Mizra with the new toy.

New toy for the three tigers

We wanted to show the tigers something new and put a big ball in one of their pools, Zita especially enjoyed this new experience. She and her brother Mirza became exhausted quickly because this was the first time in their lives that they actually were able to really run.

Rafik took it easy and found a nice place to relax.