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Good news from the FOUR PAWS Big Cat Sanctuary LIONSROCK



After the first settling in period the lion family from Romania has adapted quite well. Together with two tigers they were rescued from a Romanian zoo, where they had suffered from inadequate keeping and malnutrition. The whole lion family had to cope with living in a small cage of only 40 m². Two months after their arrival at LIONSROCK they have adapted to their new environment and are enjoying their new life under species-appropriate conditions. The lion father Tarzan has developed a healthy self-confidence. He is patrolling his new territory and roaring regularly to make sure all other lions know he is here. The mother Siba is comfortable too; she likes to play with her daughters Hera and Sara. The new living conditions are especially apparent in the two young lionesses – their coat is shiny, they lost some of their baby fat and are much fitter as a result of having much more space to move around. They are playing a lot – as it is right and proper for young lions.

But at their arrival at LIONSROCK everything looked very different. The two young lionesses were weak, malnourished and their bones were not formed properly. Hera had several large open wounds, which have healed in the meantime. But there are other non-visible serious medical conditions - radiographs showed that there was almost no bone density. Their deformed bodies were the result of bad keeping and living in a cold concrete enclosure without sunlight. The team in LIONSROCK has been taking care of the lionesses since April. They have been fed well and their injuries have been treated. Especially their paws have suffered from their life on a concrete floor; they could only move by crawling. There wasn’t much hope that Hera and Sara would be able to fully recover. But when they became strong enough to be examined at the animal hospital, there was great astonishment: the bone strength has significantly improved, teeth are developing and their paws have completely healed. Now they are provided with vitamins, which aid their bone growth and density development. Sunlight is supporting this process too and they are enjoying it a lot.


The tigers Tomi and Riwa have settled quite well too. In the first weeks after their arrival they received a daily amount of 6 to 8 kg of meat, which helped them visibly gain some weight. They are currently living in a temporary compound, while their permanent enclosure is still under construction. Tomi and Riwa are watching the construction works with great interest – especially enjoying the overview from the top of the structures in their area, where they love to lie around. They also like to spend the waiting time until they can move to their new home with occasional dips into the pool.
FOUR PAWS has now decided to open up its own animal hospital at LIONSROCK. This way we can help big cats at need even better and provide more efficient medical support in special medical cases like Hera and Sara.