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Cromwell and Juno entering their new home

Cromwell dares to step out.

At first they were quite shy ...

We opened the gates for the first time on Saturday, but both of them didn't want to go out. Sunday morning we tried again and Cromwell immediately went outside. Juno chose to stay in the safety of the shelter inside the adaption area.


Cromwell was inspecting everything with confidence and Rasputin followed him on his side of the enclosure. After a short time Cromwell started scent marking and it was obvious that he was enjoying his new environment with a few outbursts of playful running. Finally Juno found the courage to come outside and started carefully investigating her new home.

Juno is still pretty shy and nervous.

Finally relaxed and enough space

In the morning we find them both relaxed in their big shelter on the far side of the enclosure. From the shelter they could observe their new neighbours. Shir-Khan, Pascha, Douglas, Prinz (who came from a German Circus) were all out and observing Juno and Cromwell. Here's to a cheerful community!

The first stress passed away quickly.