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Big Cats from Germany and Serbia


Their first days in LIONSROCK

One week after their successful transfer from Serbia and Germany, the three lions and two tigers have already started settling in. The new arrivals are under constant supervision by the LIONSROCK staff, in order to make sure they get the best care possible.

Lions Cornel and Lepa are especially skinny and are being fed on a daily basis now until they will have put on some weight. Afterwards, they will be included in the regular feeding schedule. The two males, Ivan and Cornel, are spending much time observing their neighbours Tau and Sipho, both from a zoo in Romania, while Lepa is more interested in lioness Andy, who lives at the other end of their enclosure. The calm animals explore their new home and enjoy the many opportunities it offers them:  they sunbathe, rest in the shade and begin to look more confident each day.

© FOUR PAWS | Mihai Vasile

After years in a circus in France, the female tigers Natasha and Gandhi were left to their own devices in an empty truck. By 2005, three years after they had been abandoned, the French authorities made the decision to euthanise them. They were saved just in time by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, a long-time partner of FOUR PAWS at DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa.

In LIONSROCK Natasha and Gandhi can finally choose to go their separate ways: the females are keeping their distances from each other.

Natasha sticks mostly to the higher parts of the enclosure, which she started exploring in detail after sleeping through most of her first day at the FOUR PAWS sanctuary. Gandhi, meanwhile, loves the little hill by the pool, which has become her favourite resting and outlook spot. Like the lions, she is taking much interest in her neighbourhood: Martin, a big male tiger, was rescued from Bulgaria and lives in LIONSROCK since early 2011.


With the arrival of Lepa, Ivan, Cornel, Gandhi and Natasha the total number of big cats in the care of FOUR PAWS in South Africa has risen to 88. They need food and continous care, which is entirely funded by donations. Thanks to your ongoing support, they have found a dignified life.