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Shelter Tiger has moved


FOUR PAWS brings Cara to the new big cats centre in TIERART

Tigress Cara has moved for the second time in her life. She was originally confiscated from private keeping in Italy, where she was being used for entertainment, and was then brought to the new big cats centre on August 1 by FOUR PAWS. Cara’s new enclosure offers 800 square meters, a private swimming pool, climbing, and above all new acquaintances. Cara can interact with other young tigers that are living in the neighbouring enclosure, and can possibly socialised later. In July 2014, Cara was taken into the care of FOUR PAWS after her confiscation in Italy, and has spent the time since at the Ruesselsheim shelter in Germany, where she was lovingly nursed in the past few months. and was nursed there lovingly in the past few months.

Finally Cara feels releaxed in her new enclosure.
© FOUR PAWS | Bogdan Baraghin

FOUR PAWS has for many years been committed to rescuing big cats from poor conditions,  such as in circuses, illegal private keeping and badly-run zoos. We are delighted whenever we can give an animal  a new, brighter future in one of our big cats centers. FOUR PAWS demands changes in legislation to further protect big cats and bring an end to their mistreatment in captivity, but at the same time is committed to providing concrete solutions to these issues though our big cats rescue stations.