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Trick or Treat for big cats in FELIDA


The big cats in the Dutch rescue centre FELIDA just seem to celebrate their very own Halloween party – with their new enrichment: big Halloween pumpkins. Like any other enrichment the pumpkins help the animals to rediscover their natural behaviour, which has dulled during years of living in bad keeping conditions. Presenting new items and scents help to alleviate boredom and improve the general well-being of the animals.

Leopard Bakari loves his new enrichment tool - a big Halloween pumpkin!
© FOUR PAWS | Jeanine Noordermeer

Big cats from bad keeping conditions

Lioness Noor originally comes from a zoo and has been in FELIDA since 2006. Lion Giovanni used to be a tourist attraction in Italy, where travelers would have their picture taken with him. In 2005, at the early age of one, when he became too big and heavy to be carried, he was handed over to the rescue station. Bakari, an African leopard was also much pleased with his vegetable snack. He was born in a German zoo, were visitors could take pictures with him. When the zoo was no longer interested in him, he came to the rescue centre.

Lioness Noor has obviously some fun with her Halloween pumpkin.
© FOUR PAWS | Erin Timmer