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RIP, Indra!


We are very sad to announce that FELIDA tigress Indra passed away on Monday 15 February 2016 at 16 years of age. For months Indra suffered from a chronic nasal discharge which was medically checked and treated with antibiotics that showed temporary improvements. Unfortunately afterwards her condition deteriorated again so it was decided to take Indra for a CT-scan for further diagnosis and assessment of treatment options. When the veterinarians found a malignant growth it was decided to let Indra go. An autopsy will be performed to do further research into the type and extent of the tumour.


Indra was born at the big cat centre in Nijeberkoop after her mother was confiscated from a German circus and brought to the centre - already pregnant. Since the takeover of the centre the FELIDA team worked hard to improve her life by making her enclosure comfortable and providing her with enrichment. Despite being sick for the last couple of months, she remained a beautiful, friendly and calm animal. We will miss her greatly.

We will miss you, Indra!
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