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One Step Closer to the Wild


Lucky, the young bear rescued by FOUR PAWS, is growing accustomed to his new life

Two weeks ago, the young bear Lucky was transferred from Slovenia to the Bear Orphanage in Harghita, Romania. The six-month old animal has now settled in well to his new environment.

“Lucky spent most of his first days with us high up in the treetops”, says Leonardo Bereczky, director of the bear orphanage. “This is a promising signal for the rehabilitation process. This kind of shyness in young bears bodes well for a successful return to the wild”.


Lucky spent an entire week in an adaptation enclosure for new arrivals. Here, he was able to become accustomed to his new surroundings and establish visual contact with the other orphaned bear cubs. By now, the young bear has been placed among the other members of his species and has spent most of his time since then playing.


© FOUR PAWS | Dieter Nagl

The contact to the other bear orphans is extremely important. The 11 young bears can now discover together what it means to grow up and live as bears.

In Harghita, Lucky will learn how bears in the wilderness find food, prepare caves for winter hibernation and stay away from humans. Only once he has learned these important skills will Lucky be able to live in freedom in the wild. This will take about two years.

Lucky’s development is a sign that the efforts of FOUR PAWS to rescue the bear were worth it. Without these efforts, Lucky would have been condemned to a life in captivity.

© FOUR PAWS | Leonardo Bereczky