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Vet check at DANCING BEAR PARK Belitsa: Visit from the dentist

From time to time our bears at DANCING BEAR PARK Belitsa need to see the dentist.
© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

Last weekend dentist Dr. Marc Loose and veterinarian Dr. Frank Göritz from the Leibniz Institute of Zoo and Wildlife Research Berlin payed a visit in our Bulgarian DANCING BEAR PARK Belitsa to make a thorough examination of nine bears accommodated in our bear sanctuary. The vet check took place on two days in a row.


Starting with our youngest bear Monty, who was put under general anesthesia in the morning, our latest arrivals at DANCING BEAR PARK Belitsa - Standy and Boyka - who we rescued last year from their way too tiny cages, were next. For them it was the first time they got a complete medical check up at DANCING BEAR PARK Belitsa – including ultrasound examination of their inner organs. The examination proofed that they have been doing very well since they were brought to our bear sanctuary; their general health condition is good. After Standy and Boyka, our bear Stefan had its turn. On the next day the older bears Seida, Mariana, Natasha, Bobby, and Elena, were next. We are happy to say that the general health condition of all nine bears is satisfying. Nevertheless, dental treatments and a small surgery were necessary to improve the quality of life for some bears. 

Dr. Frank Göritz from Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research is examining one of our bears.
© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

All bears are in good general health condition

The canines of Standy, Boyka and Monty needed root canal treatments; this involves the removal of infected tissue inside the tooth, the subsequent cleaning of the root canal with small files, and finally the filling of the root canal. Morever, a small tumour was discovered and removed from the lower lip of Mariana and her eye examination showed that she has a cataract in her left eye and a dislocated lens in the in the right eye Seida, who was rescued from Serbia, had a cataract and beginning detachment of the retina in one eye and also cataract in the other. The former diagnosis of eye problems was confirmed also for the second bear, that we rescued from Serbia – Natasha. One of her eyes was pierced and leaked out while she was a dancing bear and the other one has a cataract and a dislocated lens. To improve her poor condition of sight, a surgery would be needed. However, it would be too risky due to Natasha’s high age, and she is coping very well in her enclosure though she does not see much.


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