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A new enclosure for bears in captivity


© Zoo Poznań

Update, 2016/13/04: First picture of their new home!


Do you see the smiles on their faces? Now the two bears have finally arrived their new permament outdoor enclosure in Poland. Welcome to your new home, Ewka & Gienia!

© Zoo Poznań

Update, 2016/08/04: Ewka and Gienia are doing well. The resuce mission was successful!


Before they were allowed to begin their journey Ewka and Gienia were tranquilized and given a thorough check up by our vet, who has been in attendance for many such FOUR PAWS transfers. They arrived at Poznan zoo after a six hour long journey. For the moment they are being kept in an indoor enclosure whilst they acclimatise, after which time they will be released into their large outdoor area of nearly 4,000 m² in size. The enclosure was built to strict animal welfare criteria and financed with the help of FOUR PAWS. 

© FOUR PAWS | Christiane Flechtner

VIER_PFOTEN_2016-04-07_037.JPG VIER_PFOTEN_2016-04-07_039_klein.jpg VIER_PFOTEN_2016-04-07_034_klein.jpg

© FOUR PAWS | Agnieszka Sergiel

These two female bears are not happy. It is no surprise since this concrete enclosure is no place for a bear: Sparse environments like this one lack the proper space and enrichment that is vital for natural bear behavior. They are simply inadequate. But we have great news for these two: The mother-daughter pair, Ewka and Gienia, could soon say goodbye to this concrete cave and finally move into a larger, more species-appropriate enclosure.

© FOUR PAWS | Agnieszka Sergiel

Plans are in place for a large bear enclosure on the grounds of the zoo Poznań. This space was designed and financed by FOUR PAWS and will serve as the new home for the two bears. We are already excited to see how Ewka and Gienia will like their new environment.


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