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Vet Check at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina


Vet-team treats five former restaurant bears in Kosovo


Last week a team of veterinarians checked on five of the thirteen former restaurant bears, rescued by the animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS, in the BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina. The veterinarians took blood samples of the male bears Mal and Stivi, and the female bears Hana, Mira and Rina and examined them closely. It turned out that all five bear have rather bad teeth. Before they were rescued, our bears had been kept in small cages and were gnawing on their bars continuously. This has harmed their teeth enormously, as  malnourishment has severely increased the tooth decay. The veterinarians had to pull some of the teeth out and treated the sore gums. A dentist from Germany, who is specialised in the dentition of wild animals, will come to the BEAR SANCTUARY shortly to treat the teeth of the five bears.

© FOUR PAWS | Ferki Citaku

The results of the blood analysis show that all five bears, despite the poor condition of their teeth, have reached a stable health condition and have developed very well since their rescue in the spring of 2013. Our fosterlings benefit from the healthy nutrition and the nearly natural enclosures very much. This is not only shown by the blood analysis, but also by what our team in the BEAR SANCTUARY observes every day. They are obviously comfortable and are finally able to lead a life without torture or deprivations.

© FOUR PAWS | Ferki Citaku

During the vet check, the veterinarians also castrated Mal and Stivi and gave Hana, Mira and Rina a contraception vaccination.


In the next spring, the vet team will check on the remaining eight restaurant bears.

A short movie about the rescue of the restaurant bears: