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New chapter for Kassandra and Vini

Meet our newest couple of Bear Sanctuary Prshtina: Kassandra & Vini

Kassandra's fate

Kassandra was the first bear we brought to our Bear Sanctuary Prishtina three years ago. Like so many other bears we  had rescued in the past, Kassandra's life wasn't happy at all. For years, she lived in worst conditions in a backyard of a closed restaurant. Now, three years later, she can enjoy her life in a natural environment.

Not alone anymore ...

Kassandra's mother was snatched cruelly away from her when she was a bear cub. So unfortunately she never had contact with other bears before. That's why we initially thought that it would be very difficult to find a partner for Kassandra with whom whe could share an enclosure. But when she saw Vini for the first time, you could tell that something was in the air. Then we decided to try to socialise her.


The first trial attempts were successful

First, the bears were separated at an indoor enclosure by a fence, so that they could smell and touch each others faces. As they passed this test and showed friendly behavior towards each other, the decision was made. They are perfect for eacht other and the animal keepers recently opened the fence between them. Finally they were able to share the same enclosure. Since then these two bears are enjoying every day of their life together BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina.


Watch the video and see how they are spending their time together: