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Expansion of BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina

f.l.: FOUR PAWS founder & president Heli Dungler, Kosovo Minister of Health Dr. Ferid Agani and Albanian minister of Environment Lefter Koka.

FOUR PAWS and ministry seal cooperation

The signing took place in the scope of a larger event at the FOUR PAWS BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina in Kosovo. The festival celebrated the groundbreaking for a new enclose at the sanctuary as well as enlargements of the already existing areas. The animal welfare organisation thus creates the possibility to rescue more bears from bad keeping conditions – also bears from Albania could be provided with a new, species-appropriate home there.

f.l.: Site Manager Afrim Mahmuti, FOUR PAWS bear expert Carsten Hertwig, FOUR PAWS founder & president Heli Dungler, German ambassador Angelika Viets, Swiss Vice Ambassador Anita Schlüchter Roth, Albanian Minister of Environment Lefter Koka and Kosovo Health Minister Dr. Ferid Agani.

Existing enclosures will be enlarged and new enclosure will be added

At the moment 16 bears at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina live in an area of 5 hectares in total. In the upcoming third construction phase, already existing enclosures will be enlarged, but also a completely new enclosure will be added. The existing enclosures will be provided with a larger range of enrichment for the bears and a new visitor and education centre, which will help spread public awareness about animal welfare issues and conservation.

This is how a happy bear looks like.
© FOUR PAWS | Maryna Shkvyria

Kosovo has turned out to be a best practice example where joint forces from the government and FOUR PAWS made a national solution to end illegal private keeping of bears possible. All parties involved will work hard to repeat a similar success in Albania as well.


The date of the groundbreaking celebration at the sanctuary was set on the 19th of March because this is also the third anniversary of the rescue of “restaurant bear” Kassandra – the first bear, who received a new home at the sanctuary. Twelve more restaurant bears followed suit and were rescued then brought to the BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina with the support of the Kosovo government the same year.

Female bear Kassandra enjoys her enclosure at our BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina.
© FOUR PAWS | Jeta Lepaja