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Austrian bear mother for orphaned Jordanian bear


Princess Alia accompanies „Eddie“ on his journey to Austria to begin his new life in the care of FOUR PAWS

© FOUR PAWS | Alfred Bankhamer

Eddie was rescued from a zoo in Amman, Jordan, with the assistance of FOUR PAWS, in October 2010. He was removed from his mother very early on, which has resulted in various behavioural problems. When he was four months old he was placed in the Princess Alia Foundation's „New Hope Center“ to begin a new life.

Experts from FOUR PAWS assisted in building an enclosure for Eddie, but it rapidly became clear that the bear needed additional stimuli and, possibly, a replacement mother.
At this age, bears in the wild are usually still close to the mother, or at least surrounded by their siblings. Eddie has no-one. „I am very pleased that this solution represents another successful cooperation with the Princess Alia Foundation“, says Helmut Dungler, president of FOUR PAWS. „We have now had a contractual agreement with the royal foundation for a year, enabling us to perform tangible animal welfare work in Jordan“.

© FOUR PAWS | Alfred Bankhamer

The FOUR PAWS team from the BÄRENWALD Arbesbach has many years of experience dealing with bears, and will now take over the care of the young bear. „We will attempt to socialise Eddie with Brumca, a female bear“, says Sigrid Zederbauer, the manager of BÄRENWALD Arbesbach. The bear will be provided with a comprehensive range of activities to satisfy his natural instincts to play and investigate. „For the first few weeks, however, Eddie will be kept in a separate enclosure to enable him to become accustomed to his new surroundings in peace. Eddie is a shy and nervous bear“, explains Zederbauer. „He can now slowly get used to his new life, and his new bear neighbours“. The team of experts from FOUR PAWS believes that Eddie will soon be able to be introduced into the core group of bears.
The BÄRENWALD Arbesbach is located in the „Waldviertel“ in the province of Lower Austria. Prior to the arrival of Eddie, six bears enjoyed a life appropriate for bears in natural surroundings, able to follow their instincts in an area covering 14,000 m². The BÄRENWALD Arbesbach is open to visitors daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.