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Fur-free fashion at Hervis


FOUR PAWS campaign against fur achieves major success: Sports wear retailer Hervis has joined the international Fur Free Retailer Program

There is even more fur in clothing and other fashion accessories in the shops this winter season. Today  real fur is mainly being used as the trim on collars, hoods, cuffs, shoes and hats – not just in classical fur coats. However there are already many forward-looking fashion companies that have renounced fur. The members of the international Fur Free Retailer Program are particularly respected by those who deplore animal cruelty. The international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS is pleased to announce that Hervis is joining this animal friendly initiative.

Hervis general manager, Alfred Eichblatt, said: „It is of great importance for us to treat animals and the environment with respect. Social responsibility is important and being Austria’s biggest sports-wear retailer, we want to set a good example. In recent years we have sold some products containing fur but as of today we are completely renouncing fur products, for animal welfare reasons. We are happy to announce this together with FOUR PAWS”.

“By becoming an official fur free retailer, Hervis is sending a clear message that  it cares about animal protection. With its 170 shops in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and Germany, Hervis is a big player in sports-wear. We hope that other companies will follow Hervis’ example", says Helmut Dungler, founder and president of FOUR PAWS. FOUR PAWS  has been the Austrian representative of the international “Fur Free Retailer Program (FFR)” since 2012. The initiative informs people about which fashion companies have signed an agreement to stop using real fur. FOUR PAWS  is thereby helping consumers consciously find clothing and other accessories that is guaranteed fur-free. Already, large global brands such as H&M, Esprit and Zero no longer sell real fur.

The number of animals being killed for fashion is increasing as more and more smaller fur items are being used and there is also  increasing demand in Asia. Every year around 100 million mink, foxes and racoon dogs are killed for the fashion industry. The animals are bred and kept in terrible conditions. Stuffed into tiny wire cages, they are in a permanent state of stress and are then killed in a cruel manner after a few months of life. Other species like coyotes or racoons are hunted in the wild and caught by tortuous traps.

FOUR PAWS campaigns for legislation prohibiting fur farming and a Europe-wide ban on the import and sale of fur and fur products. In Austria and the UK fur farms are already prohibited. However, the sale of fur products is still legal. The fashion industry and unwitting consumers are currently responsible for the meaningless suffering of millions of animals.

Visit  FOUR PAWS´ online campaign against fur: