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First trial of puppy trader in EU postponed


FOUR PAWS campaigns with a 2.5-metre Justizia statue in Luxemourg’s city centre

The international animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS says the first trial of an illegal puppy trader was postponed by the court today. The defendant  failed to appear and his attorney had no power to represent him. Despite the fact that the puppy trader was also accused of animal abuse, he was only on trial for illegal trading.  FOUR PAWS is appealing to the court to not sweep the suffering puppies under the table. With a 2.5-metre Justizia statue, FOUR PAWS activists from six countries symbolically reminded those present that the well-being of puppies has to carry more weight than profit.


“The puppy dealer only on trial for illegal trade shows that it’s all about the profit. He should also be sentenced for animal abuse, after all, he is responsible for the suffering and death of countless puppies!”,  Dr. Martina Stephany, Head of Programs Germany at FOUR PAWS, claims at the campaign, “The abuse of animals is no trivial offense. Luxembourg still has the opportunity to set a worldwide example for more fairness, compassion and respect for animals with this trial decision!”


The story of the accused puppy trader is reminiscent of a crime movie; despite his judical conviction due to false documents, unauthorised practice of veterinary medicine and the revocation of his trading license in 2008, he simply continued his actions. For years he smuggled puppies, which were ill and far too young, from the Czech Republic to Luxembourg. He sold them with false documents to unsuspecting people. Many dogs were very ill and died despite intensive medical care. “Obviously the puppy trader is not at all aware of the seriousness of his delict, otherwise he would have shown up to court today,"  Dr. Stephany remarks.


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