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UPDATE: FOUR PAWS Awareness and Fundraising Campaign

FOUR PAWS Fundraising and Awareness Campaign Update:


Without Prejudice


ALERT: Have you seen this person?

His name is Jaco Marais, formerly working on our campaign through our field partners. He left the campaign for serious reasons.

Please be on the look out!

The public should be aware that this person is requesting cash donations for FOUR PAWS in the Cape Town area for his personal use.



Please be advised

FOUR PAWS does not under any circumstances take in cash donations through our fundraising and awareness campaign and that Mr Marais is NOT representing FOUR PAWS.


His actions amount to fraud and a criminal case has been opened against him.




Please report any suspicious behaviour immediately

We kindly ask that under no circumstances do you agree to hand cash to anyone claiming to represent FOUR PAWS and immediately report this to our offices



Tammy Price - Fundraising Administrator or alternatively contact Sally-Ann Steven-Jennings at reception



+27 21 702 4277




Any supporting evidence



FOUR PAWS Awareness and Fundraising Campaign

FOUR PAWS is currently being represented in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban by our team of young people who are raising awareness and funds for our work.


Our team members are recognisable by their light blue FOUR PAWS Supporter t-shirts, name tags with photos and a unique fundraising number.


They are approaching members of the public at malls, events and businesses.


This is an internationally proven method of raising funds and awareness, however, in South Africa we are not too accustomed to this practice and are always quite skeptical when approached as there are many con artists.


We assure the public that FOUR PAWS is legitimately running the awareness and fundraising campaign and sincerely thank our donors and the public for taking some time to listen to our messages about the plight of big cats and specifically lions and for supporting our work to not only rescue them but provide lifelong care at our sanctuary, LIONSROCK.


If you would like to contact us at any time please call us +27 (0)21 702 4277 or email