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FOUR PAWS South Africa comments on captive-bred lion skeleton quota


The announcement by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) instituting an annual export quota of 800 captive-bred lion skeletons has again highlighted the ongoing controversy around South Africa’s lion breeding industry. 


This comes at a pinnacle point where small steps are being taken in the right direction; for example the new import regulations, a ban on transporting trophies on certain airlines as well as the commitment from recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of South African Tourism, Mr Sisa Ntshona, who is firmly against the petting of lion cubs and similar exploitative activities.


Fiona Miles, Country Director of FOUR PAWS South Africa, agrees: “FOUR PAWS opposes the DEA’s recommendation. Besides the negligible impact on the wild lion populations in South Africa, the main source of carcasses comes from the canned hunting industry. Most lion trophy hunting in South Africa is from captive-bred animals.”


“We urge the public to support animal welfare organisations and conservationists in their drive for a total suspension of trade in captive lions and their bones, and to bring an end to the captive lion breeding and canned hunting industry.  Together we can ensure that the lion receives the protection they so desperately need.”