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#RiseUpAndRoar for lions

The Biggest Lion Cake in the World

Dot Klerck, renowned baker, and Elda Thomas from South African Wildlife Project has partnered with Animal Welfare Organisation FOUR PAWS to ignite the launch of the organisation’s new awareness campaign #RiseUpAndRoar for the protect of SA's lions. Sign the petition


The lion is under severe threat from man. Through habit encroachment and our merciless hunting activities we’re pushing this animal to the brink.  The battle to save the lion from inventible extinction starts today with you, and FOUR PAWS is spear heading this cause.


In South Africa the practice of canned lion hunting and the brutality surrounding what is the most merciless of trophy hunting practices has been well documented for several years.   Recent official estimates suggest that over 7000 lions are held in captivity at over 260 breeding farms across South Africa, the number may however be much higher.  Yet despite mounting evidence and civil society pressure, action to regulate and ultimately shut down this industry has not been forthcoming.


Lions are still being served to their hunters on a silver platter. These animals are born in captivity, taken away from their mothers within hours of being born so they can be used in petting zoos. When they become of age they then spend the rest of their life in caged compounds waiting to be released in a larger compound for the so called ‘canned’ hunt.


Once killed the hunter leaves with his “trophy” and what remains of the lion is chopped up so the parts can be sold into the international bone and meat trade


Ask the South African authorities to ensure that during the 2019 CITES COP 18 Conference being held in Sri Lanka, members vote to provide the lion with the highest possible protection. This conference has the power to outlaw all trade in any lion parts and thereby sounding the death nail to canned lion hunting and its associated industries.


Dot has been featured in magazines around the world including Great Britain, USA, France, Spain, Portugal, India, Australia and locally.

Recent accolades for Dot’s creations:

  • Winner of the International Best Show Piece Award 2017 at the Cake Masters Awards
  • Finalist in the International Cake Masters -Cake Oscar Awards for Best Show Piece 2017, 2016
  • Finalist for International EAGA award for Sculpted Cake 2016

Best In Show 2015 Good Food and Wine Show