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  • Bear Parks: BÄRENWALD Müritz welcomed two additional bears, Katja and Ida from Zoo Kalletal. Also at DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa three new inhabitants moved in. In summer, the BEAR ORPHANAGE Hargitha (Romania) was able to release seven bears into the wild – five foundlings were taken in on the other hand.


  • Strays: Particularly in Eastern Europe there are numerous dogs and cats living on the streets. FOUR PAWS managed to castrate and care for 7358 dogs and cats in the context of the Stray Animal Care project. For comparison: in the previous year the work totalled at 4500 animals. They were usually released in their old territory, some of the dogs and cats were fortunate enough to find new owners, though.


  • LIONSROCK: At the game cat sanctuary LIONSROCK, which was founded and is being maintained by FOUR PAWS, there are 13 new inhabitants: in March, June and December lions kept in inappropriate ways in Austria, Romania and the Netherlands were brought to South Africa. Among these lions was Carmen, the last lioness to live in the shutdown safari park Gaenserndorf. She was only brought to LIONSROCK when her partner, who had been unfit to travel since two years prior, had passed away.


  • Disaster Relief Kenya: OUR PAWS Immediately after the breakout of a draught catastrophe in Kenya, FOUR PAWS launched an Animal Disaster Relief mission. 30.000 animals – primarily cows, sheep and goats – were dewormed, provided with food and received further medical care in the shape of vitamins and antibiotics.


  • Circus Without Wild Animals: In spite of a ban in Austria in 2005, there are still lions, elephants and other wild animals in bordering countries living under catastrophic keeping conditions and suffering from continuous transports and questionable training methods. In 2009, FOUR PAWS was able to collect more than 75.000 protest votes and to accelerate progress in this matter by means of Europe-wide lobbying.


  • Puppy Trade: Along with various TV stations FOUR PAWS continued to broach the issue of illegal puppy trading and therefore raise public awareness about the many dark sides of the smuggling of frequently ill animals.


  • Foie Gras: FOUR PAWS was able to achieve various productions shutdowns and product bans by supermarket chains: in March the company Pannun Lud – formerly the largest manufacturer of Fois Gras worldwide – ceased to produce the alleged specialty. In June, large parts of the German and Austrian market committed to stop selling meat resulting from Foie Gras production. Shortly after Austrian traders Metro, AGM and CC Pfeiffer abandoned the sale of Foie Gras related meat.


  • Live Plucking: A lot of progress in this field in 2009: in May, the largest Hungarian manufacturer of goose meat Tranzit Ker abandoned the plucking of live geese and permitted FOUR PAWS to perform rigid controls. One million geese are now spared of this suffering. Following long negotiations two additional large poultry purveyors from Hungary announced their medium-term retreat from live plucking. In November, FOUR PAWS under-cover research teams discovered meat from live-plucked geese in restaurants of IKEA. The Swedish furniture retailer thereupon recalled all goose legs from the menu in various countries.


  • Campaign Against Animal Testing: Originating in England a Virtual March was launched on the internet – more than 40.000 people worldwide spoke out against animal testing. Find out more on:  


  • Rabbits: In August the gruesome rabbit fattening at Marcell Puren in France was shut down by the authorities after disclosures made by FOUR PAW. Tens thousands of rabbits could be freed from their narrow cages.