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Force Feeding / “Foie Gras”: FOUR PAWS started an international campaign against force feeding in various countries like Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Goal of this campaign is to inform the public about the grievances and to draw attention to this issue. Infringements have to be punished on national and international level.

Research by non-animal-testing methods FOUR PAWS is working on the intensified development and encouragement of non-animal-testing methods and the international acceptance of these non-animal-testing methods. Research results must be pooled and made accessible to researchers. It is important that information on all tests conducted were published. FOUR PAWS calls for a complete stop of animal testing of primates.

Fur: On European level FOUR PAWS achieved good results concerning the import stop campaign of cat and dog fur. A ban for trade and import of cat and dog fur will be released throughout the European Union, a draft of the committee is available.

Animal welfare action plan: During the Austrian EU Council Presidency the European Union presented an action plan concerning animal welfare which included long lasting requests of FOUR PAWS as well as binding declarations of food accordant to the husbandry system. FOUR PAWS will push to reach a quick implementation. In the course of the impending accidence to the European Union Bulgaria has to release an animal welfare law. As an official member of the working group of the Bulgarian Veterinary Authorities FOUR PAWS is decisive contained concerning the process to create the animal welfare law.


DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa: In 2006 FOUR PAWS transferred two more bears to the DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa. Both are females called Elena and Rada. Now the bears are able to enjoy their lives without torture and pain at the bear park. BÄRENWALD Müritz:To help a big number of brown bears living in Germany under non-species-appropriate conditions FOUR PAWS has founded a bear shelter in the district of Mueritz, in the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This outdoor enclosure offers an appropriate home for bears.

Bear Orphan Station Harghita: Whilst a few little bear orphans arrived at the bear orphan station to assure their survival 6 young brown bears raised by FOUR PAWS could be released into the wild in spring 2006.

Stray Animal Care – Castration project for homeless animals: Stray animals often pass diseases not only among each other but also to humans. Our FOUR PAWS teams, made up of veterinaries, dog catchers, and animal keepers are neutering and vaccinating ownerless animals: This method of castrating and releasing stray dogs works very well and it is possible with this method to sustainably manage the population size. A combination of different vaccines and treatment against parasites helps to eliminate the breakout of diseases and epidemics.

Food relief in Romania: During the flood disaster in Romania in May 2006 a FOUR PAWS Disaster Relief Team was helping the victims of the flood in Calarasi, Teleorman, Olt and Dolj.

Disaster Relief Middle East: After ceasefire has started in Middle East, animal welfare activists had to find homes for many puppies that were abandoned during the war. “Hakol Chai”, supported by FOUR PAWS, has already begun the tasks of reuniting lost animals with their owners and of finding homes for those animals who had none.