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Change of direction at Burberry, or just a smoke screen?


Company reacts to FOUR PAWS protest


This has been a good week, with over 25,000 people supporting the FOUR PAWS “Burberry be FUR FREE” campaign. The British clothing company has now answered some protesters by email to reassure them that Burberry does not use any real fur in cases where it is suspected or evident that the fur was not produced under acceptable conditions of animal welfare.


What Burberry considers “acceptable” remains unclear, casting doubt on the company’s credibility.

Click on the image to zoom the reply text.


There is no ethical fur!


The photos and videos given to FOUR PAWS show that animals on Finnish fur farms are kept under terrible conditions. They vegetate in tiny wire cages, and many are injured or ill. These conditions do not even come close to being acceptable.


Burberry claims to source its fur only from suppliers that are “governed by high animal welfare standards”. This can surely not include their principal supplier, Saga Furs, as they only keep animals in accordance with European minimal standards, which are in themselves unacceptable. The images published show what these standards look like in practice.

Burberry’s statements could effectively be interpreted as meaning that the company must abandon fur as soon as possible, because “acceptable conditions” simply cannot be found on fur farms.


However, up to now there is still no reason to hope for this interpretation. Burberry has still made no official response to direct contact requests from FOUR PAWS, and their initial reaction to protesters has been absolutely unacceptable. There is no solid information on the keeping conditions, and basic minimum legal requirements are being hyped as high standards.


Thomas Pietsch, head of the FOUR PAWS campaign, urges once again: “The suffering of hundreds of thousands of fur animals is in the hands of Burberry’s senior management. It’s high time they removed fur from their future collections!”

Please join our protest and together with FOUR PAWS call on Burberry to stop killing countless animals for fashion and to banish real fur from their product range!


Click here to protest:

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